The Wofford Agenda

With a long career in public service, Senator Wofford knows what this country needs is to work together to lift us all up.

Domestic Agenda

A Wofford Administration will do what it can to lower costs and slash poverty in America. Senator Wofford has long supported national healthcare, ensuring that no one is uninsured, and supports tax reform to ensure the richest pay their share of the tab. Wofford has also been a longtime advocate for protecting social security and other programs that assist Americans in need. Wofford also supports higher wages for Americans by protecting unions, negotiating fair trade agreements, and encouraging job creation.
For Senator Wofford, bringing trust back in Washington is also crucial. Wofford supports keeping special interests out of politics through bipartisan campaign-finance reform, cracking down by lobbying, and making our lawmakers respected role models again.

Foreign Vision

Wofford knows that America must be compassionate and strong on the world stage. For far too long, the Republican administrations of recent have been backing dictators and reigns of terror, and then sending back the frightened families fleeing those countries, just looking for a home. We need stability on the world stage if we want to decrease immigration - but Wofford knows we must not forget the poem on the Statue of Liberty - "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free".
With troubles abroad, Wofford supports self-determination for the people in the Soviet Union, and would work to bring peace and stability to the continent of Europe through diplomatic means. It is time to use our role to broker an end to the fighting and an end to the Cold War, for all of humanity.