Wofford Newsroom

June 17th: Wofford to begin pre-convention tour with televised ad purchase

The pre-convention tour that Harris Wofford will take across the country shall begin with an national ad purchase for tomorrow at 8PM EST, on the big three news networks (ABC, CBS, NBC). The ads will also invite people to attend Wofford's stops on his tour of the country, while touting his record and desire to lead the country.

June 12th: Wofford announces pre-convention campaign visits

Ahead of the Democratic National Convention, Senator Harris Wofford will be in Cleveland, OH on June 19th, Indianapolis, IN on June 21st, Lexington, KY on June 23rd, Birmingham, AL on June 26th, Miami, FL on June 29th, Austin, TX on July 3-4th, and Sioux Falls, SD on July 8th. More details to follow.

June 9th: Wofford to press unity before Democratic National Convention

Wofford has publicly confirmed in a press release his plans for unity ahead of the convention in Chicago. He confirmed his desire to campaign with his former primary rivals, and his openness to selecting one of them as his running mate.

June 5th: Wofford secures Democratic Nomination

Victories in California, New Jersey, and Ohio, along with the support of unpledged delegates have given Senator Wofford enough delegates to secure the nomination. Former contenders Ann Richards and Kent Conrad have sent congratulations to Wofford.